Planning Your Visit

Festival Basics

Run by the non-profit filmmakers collaborative, FILMCO, the trinidad+tobago film festival (ttff) celebrates films from and about the Caribbean and its diaspora, as well as world cinema, through an annual festival and year-round screenings. In addition, the ttff seeks to facilitate the growth of Caribbean cinema by offering a wide-ranging industry programme and networking opportunities.

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Industry Events Venues

This year, for the first time, we are partnering with NALIS (National Library and Information System Authority) as our primary venue for all industry events and several special events including the Banyan Retrospective (screenings and exhibition), Cinema Under the Stars screenings, the FILMCO mixer, the filmmakers’ lounge, etc. Located in the heart of Port of Spain, NALIS has world class facilities, friendly and accommodating staff and an openness to collaboration and experimentation for which we are truly excited!

(NALIS) is the body corporate responsible for the administration, development and coordination of library and information services in Trinidad and Tobago. This Government entity, with some 750 dedicated staff, administers services via its flagship Heritage Library with responsibility for preserving and promoting all that is Trinidad and Tobago; 27 Public/Community Libraries; 133 School Library Media Centres; four Institutional Libraries; 48 Special Libraries and mobile library fleet. Through the provision of traditional and non-traditional targeted services as well as customer centric programmes and events, NALIS significantly impacts Trinidad and Tobago’s educational, literary, digital literacy, social, business and cultural landscape.

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Film Screenings

We are delighted to be returning to MovieTowne, Port of Spain for in-person screenings—our first since 2019! As has been the case in the past, festival films will be screened across two screens from 22–28 September. Continuing with our new tradition, all of the award-winning films will be screened again at MovieTowne, Port of Spain on 28 September.

The films of the Banyan Retrospective, which is supported by The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago (NGC), will be screened for free over four nights at the NALIS AV room.

Our Shell sponsored outdoor screenings, Cinema Under the Stars will also be returning for ttff/22, with two nights of free screenings in the NALIS Amphitheatre.

With the support of Republic Bank Ltd. and the Ministry of Education, we have programmed a series of free, lunchtime screenings at NALIS AV room specifically for secondary school students.

New Media screenings will be free to the public and will take place on one night at a specially-designed venue in Woodbrook.

While the majority of our events and screenings will take place in person, we have scheduled a day of online screenings of Trinidad and Tobago films. These online screenings will only be available on 24 September, and for 24 hours from the time you start watching. You can start watching the film at any time (at your convenience) on the 24th. All online films will be available through our website,

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Tickets for online screenings are available at, and can be paid for online via bank transfer, Paypal or credit card, or in person at our Jerningham Avenue office with cash, LINX or credit card. Tickets for MovieTowne screenings are available at the MovieTowne Port of Spain box office. Tickets for the opening night are available online at or from our office, and can be paid for online via bank transfer, Paypal or credit card, or in person at our Jerningham Avenue office with cash, LINX or credit card.

Ticket Prices:
Tickets for the opening night event cost TT$200
Tickets for screenings at MovieTowne cost TT$50
Tickets for online screenings cost TT$35 or US$5

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In Person Screenings

MovieTowne Port of Spain; NALIS Amphitheatre; NALIS AV Room.

Online Screenings

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Corner of Hart and Abercromby Streets
Port of Spain

new media screenings
65 Carlos Street

Calabash Garden
48 Tragarete Road

Festival Office
22 Jerningham Ave
Port of Spain
tel: (+)1.868.323.3228
find us on social media: @ttfilmfestival

Invader’s Bay

The Dalai Llama
Lower Commons
One Woodbrook Place

Veni Noche
67 A Ariapita Avenue

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Film festival merchandise is available at NALIS on the corner of Abercromby and Hart Streets in Port of Spain, at MovieTowne Port of Spain, online at and @ttfilmfestival on Facebook.

Don’t forget, you can find us at and @ttfilmfestival online and on our socials. We’re always here to answer your questions!

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Street Food & Late Night Meal Options:

  • D’Original Sauce Doubles
  • The Queen’s Park Savannah: snowcones, fresh coconut water & jelly, pholourie, soup, BBQ, ice cream
  • Ariapita Avenue: gyros, doubles, burgers
  • North Coast: bake & shark, fruit chow, fresh coconut water & jelly

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Attractions / Sites to Visit

Nature, in & around PoS, museums & art galleries, gardens & parks, historical sites, cultural hubs.

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  • Long Circular Mall—Includes a pharmacy, bank and grocery.
  • Shoppes of Maraval—Mostly restaurants and some retail shopping.
  • Ellerslie Plaza—Pharmacy, health store, grocery, retail shopping.

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Apps to Download


Travel Guide

Transportation / Taxi Services

  • TTRS (Trinidad and Tobago Ride Share*)
    The preferred transportation partner for ttff/22
    * All rides to and from Festival venues receive a
    25% discount. Use discount code TTFF2022 to book your ride through the TTRS app.
  • DeliverMeTT—Taxi & Delivery Service.
  • AllRidi
  • PinkCab—Femme friendly taxi service.


Food Delivery (Food delivery stops at 10 pm)

Entertainment / Leisure

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General Travel Entry Requirements for Trinidad+Tobago

  • Passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival.
  • A visa is not necessary for visitors (90-day stay period).
  • A TTravel Pass is no longer necessary to enter the country effective as of June 1st, 2022.
  • Presenting a negative COVID-19 PCR or Lab Acquired Antigen Test is no longer necessary effective as of July 1st, 2022.

COVID-19 Guidelines During Travel

While the condition of the coronavirus has globally improved since the year 2020, it is still advised in 2022 to wash one’s hands and/or wear hand sanitiser as often as possible. Additionally, face masks are no longer publicly mandatory as of July 17th, 2022, however, they may still be required at the following locations:

  • Retail settings like supermarkets, groceries and malls
  • Public transportation and transportation hubs
  • Ports of entry
  • Mass gatherings
  • Pharmacies
  • Schools and educational establishments
  • Workplaces
  • Places of worship
  • Beauty salon/barbershop
  • Spa (when possible)
  • Cinemas and theatres

Customs Restrictions

Certain items are prohibited or in some cases restricted unless the proper import permits are obtained. Examples are firearms, honey, toy guns that resemble real firearms, pornographic literature and other articles of pornographic nature. These items are subject to seizure, The importation of arms and/or ammunition without a Permit to Import. Currency amounting to $20,000.00 TT currency or $5,000.00 U.S. currency must (not equivalent counts) is declared on a currency declaration form.

Do not bring any item into Trinidad & Tobago that has a camouflage pattern.

Do not bring in arms or ammunition; not even a bullet that has been modified to be a piece of jewelry or ornament or a toy gun that resembles a real firearm.

Officers of the Plant Quarantine Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, work closely with Customs and Excise Officers in the Baggage Room. All items of plant materials, fruits, vegetables, meat products including prohibited as well as seizures – items e.g. honey, are referred to them for approval to import or export.

Passengers who are 17 years and over are entitled to the following:

  • 1.5 litres of spirit or wine.
  • Tobacco, not exceeding 250 grams; or
  • Cigarettes, not exceeding 200 in number; or
  • Cigars, not exceeding 50 in number.

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TTRS (Trinidad and Tobago Ride Share *)
The preferred transportation partner for ttff/22

* All rides to and from Festival venues receive a 25% discount.
Use discount code TTFF2022 to book your ride through
the TTRS app.

Trinidad’s public transportation system is efficient and easy to master. The system primarily relies on taxis, maxi taxis (mini buses) and buses, with maxi taxis and buses operating on longer routes. Generally, taxis cost TT$4 for shorter distances while travellers can personally hire taxis for longer distances at a higher price. To take the maxi taxi costs a minimum of TT$5. Additionally, they operate within specific areas and are identified by a large colour-coded stripe or band (as specified below). Buzzers are also located near each seat to signal that you’ve reached your stop. For buses, they can be taken at City Gate / PTSC (Public Transport Service Corporation) at South Quay, Port of Spain and the fare ranges from TT$50 to TT$150.

Taxi Route System

  • Belmont (Charlotte Street)
  • Diego Martin / Petit Valley (Abercromby Street – south of Independence Square)
  • Maraval (corner of Duke and Charlotte Streets)
  • Maracas / Blanchisseuse (Charlotte & Park Streets)
  • Port of Spain General Hospital (corner of Charlotte Street and South Quay)
  • San Juan / Barataria (Charlotte Street (south of Independence Square)
  • St Ann’s / St James (Hart Street (off Frederick Street, south of Woodford Square)
  • Wrightson Road / Long Circular Road (Charlotte Street (south of Independence Square)

Maxi Taxis Coloured Scheme

Photograph courtesy Shaun Rambaran / Method Moda.
  • Port of Spain (POS)
    colour: yellow stripes
    route: operates from/around Port of Spain westward to the Valley
  • Eastern Trinidad
    colour: red stripes
    route: runs from POS to Sandre Grande
  • South Trinidad
    colour: green stripes
    route: runs from POS to San Fernando including Chaguanas, Couva, Gasparillo
  • Princes Town – La Romaine
    colour: black stripes
    route: operates from San Fernando to Princes Town
  • South-Western Trinidad
    colour: brown stripes
    route: operates from San Fernando into Southwest (Erin, Penal, Point Fortin, Siparia)

PTSC Bus Route

  • To the North Coast – City Gate (PTSC) (Location – South Quay, Port of Spain)

How to get around:

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SIM Card / Phone Dealerships

All phone numbers in Trinidad and Tobago begin with +1(868)

All authorised BMobile dealerships.
A prepaid sim card, once available, can be purchased at the BMobile outlet at the Piarco Airport for approximately TT$45. Daily($25TTD) and Weekly($99TTD) Plans available.

All authorised Digicel dealerships
A prepaid sim card, once available, can be purchased at the Digicel outlet at the Piarco Airport for approximately TT$70. Daily($25TTD) and Weekly($99TTD) Plans available.

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Foreign Currency Exchange Sites

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What NOT to do When Navigating


  • Get into cars labelled ‘P’ on the licence plate. All official taxis have registration ‘H’ on the licence plate
  • Walk the streets too late at night, especially when alone
  • Wear camouflage print (it’s illegal for civilians to wear camouflage, so you could get stopped by the police)

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In Case of an Emergency

Hospitals (Open 24/7)


Private *

Port of Spain General Hospital,
Upper Charlotte Street,
Port of Spain.
(868) 623-2951

St Clair Medical Centre,
18 Elizabeth Street,
Port of Spain.
(868) 628-1451

St. James Medical Complex,
112 Western Main Rd,
Port of Spain.
(868) 622-4171
Accident & Emergency Ext. 6030

Westshore Medical Private Hospital,
239 Western Main Rd,
Port of Spain.
(868) 285-5019

* You will have to pay for a Covid-19 test before seeing a doctor.

Health Centres

Woodbrook Health Facility,
105 Tragarete Rd,
Port of Spain.
(868) 622-2045
Mon–Fri 8:00 am–8:00 pm

St. James District Health Facility,
St. James Medical Complex,
112 Western Main Rd,
Port of Spain.
(868) 622-1142
Mon–Fri 4:00 pm–9:00 am

Local Emergency Numbers (Toll-Free)

  • Emergency: 911
  • Police: 999
  • Fire: 990
  • Ambulance: 811
  • Crime Stoppers: 800-TIPS
  • Anti Crime Hotline: 555
  • ODPM (Office of Disaster Preparedness & Management): 800-ODPM

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22 Jerningham Ave,
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