Visiting filmmakers at the ttff/12

The trinidad+tobago film festival not only provides viewers with a showcase of great Caribbean film, we also bring the filmmakers who made those films to our audiences. This year, the ttff has expanded our offering and will also be hosting a number of actresses and actors during the festival. Here on our website or in your festival guide, when you see a Q&A next to the screening of a film, that means the filmmaker and/or actor will be present to answer questions after the film.

Additionally, the two Fridays of the festival, 21 and 28 Sept, at 9.30am at The Carlton Savannah Hotel, you can come listen, free of charge, to participating guest and local filmmakers talk about the experience of making their films at the ttff filmmakers’ panels.

The first week the festival, the ttff will bring you:
Guetty Felin, Broken Stones
Tania Khalaf & David Hamilton, Journey to Hope
Christian Bertin, La Diabla
Juan Davila, Partners of Struggle
John Maclean, Man on a Motorcycle, Magic Man, Pitch-Black Heist
Selena Blake, Taboo Yardies
Kum-Kum Bhavnani, Nothing Like Chocolate
Sophie Meyer, Mystic Fighters
Jeanette Kong, The Chiney Shop
Horace Ove, Pressure, Reggae

The second week of the festival, the ttff will host:
Francisco Pardo, Awa Brak
Alrick Brown, Kinyarwanda
Michelle Serieux, Ring di Alarm!
Nile Jordan Saulter, Ring di Alarm!, Here I Am (Dakar)
Storm Saulter, Ring di Alarm!
Olivia McGilchrist, Elation: Bodies/Head, Release Yourself, The Memory Jacket, Slow Dance
Tyler Johnston, Five Bones
Willy Rollé, Family Planning
Fernanda Rossi, Clara Like Water
Calvin Dwight Harris, On The Wings of Men
Jimmy Jean-Louis, Toussaint L’Overture
Lorraine Bastian Jones, Match Me If You Can: The Story of Amos Ferguson
Rossana Fernández Díaz, Rumble of the Stones
Dana Verde, Lock and Key
Faisal Lutchmedial, Mr Crab
Andrew Dosunmu, Restless City
Sky Nicole Grey, Restless City
Alexis Díaz de Villegas, Juan of the Dead
Christy Garland, The Bastard Sings the Sweetest Song
Ian Harnarine, Doubles With Slight Pepper
Jean-Cosme Delaloye, By My Side
Julietta Rodríguez Herrera, La Hija Natural
Lucy Mulloy, Una Noche
Matias Meyer, The Last Christeros
Patricia Benoit, Stones in the Sun
Richard Fung, Dal Puri Diaspora
Joauquin Ruano Cofino, Distance
Gabrielle Blackwood & Darren Scott, Gravedigger
Mariette Monpierre, Elza
Karent Hinestroza, Choco

Image: Visiting filmmakers at the ttff/11

Date: Tue 18 Sep, 2012
Category: ttff news and features

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