The filmmakers’ Q&A: Jaime Lee Loy

Bury Your Mother director and artist, Jaime Lee Loy answers questions about a Martian, her first, her most recent, tears, and time travel (all related to film, of course!). Get to know a rising star a bit better in this second installment of our filmmakers’ Q&A; series.

What was the first film you remember seeing?
The Omen. I was seven.

What is the most recent film you saw?
District 9. Excellent Movie.

Have you ever cried during a film and, if so, which was the last one?
I cry more for films than for real life. I don’t cry easily but good films get me. I cried for District 9 actually – not a sob – a few tears.

If a Martian came to Earth and asked to be shown a film, which would you recommend?
I would show them Grave of the Fireflies – it’s an animation done in Japan I think. It’s a war story through the eyes of two children. It manages to show both the beauty and horror of human nature in little ways.

Which matters more: having the proper budget or having complete creative freedom?
Complete Creative Freedom.

If you could go back in time and be a part of any era in the history of cinema, which would it be?
I would stay here now. I work in experimental video and opportunities and freedom to explore this is at its peak today.

What’s the best piece of filmmaking advice anyone’s ever given you?
That filmmaking and/or video is really just visual communication. Once you connect or communicate what you are trying to do successfully you have a good film/video. This helps keep you focused.

What film have you seen more than any other?
What Dreams May Come

What specific qualities can a fine artist bring to film?
Experimentation and re-emphasis of the visual element – hopefully a commitment to pushing the boundaries of the visual image – of the frame.

Is there a future for locally-made films?
Yes. Once support continues. It depends on the people though – if more filmmakers/video makers pursue it.


Date: Wed 09 Sep, 2009
Category: ttff news and features

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