**Schedule update: Special Screenings, 25/9 + 26/9**

Dear friends of the festival, we’re happy to announce the following special late night screenings, which are not on our website or our printed materials. Screenings will take place at MovieTowne, POS

TODAY Friday 25 September
11.00 pm SHORTS PACKAGE (Total Running Time: 104 minutes)
THE POWER OF THE VAGINA This documentary explores the issue of women’s sexuality and sexual politics, examining opinions and assumptions abut the various ways in which women use their sexuality—and the ways men respond. There are interviews with various experts as well as people in the street, showing how much attitudes towards sex and sexuality have—and have not—changed in our society. 25 minutes
MISTAKEN Richard is a university student who meets a beautiful young woman on campus interested in a one-time fling—no strings attached. They agree on a time and place for their assignation. What the young woman doesn’t know, however, is that Richard has an identical twin brother, Michael. Through a cruel quirk of fate, a simple encounter gets complicated. 7 minutes

SANS SOUCI Ishmael and Garwick are brothers, reunited after years apart when Garwick returns from the United States where he had joined the army and fought in the first Gulf War. The year is 2001, and they meet at their aunt’s house in Sans Souci, where along with Garwick’s girlfriend, Sacha, another friend, Mona, and her boyfriend, Paul, they spend time getting to know one another again. Then comes the day of September 11, when the World Trade Center is destroyed, and tensions in the house explode. 27 minutes

MINUTES TO MIDNITE A noir, fantasy crime drama unfolds when ruthless Trinidadian gang member, Snake, kills his leader, Mr. Tiger. Shortly afterwards, Snake receives a message that someone named Anansi Spider is going to “take care of him.” Following a near-death experience at the hands of a wicked woman, Snake receives a call from Anansi Spider, warning him that his life is in danger. Snake grapples with whether or not to trust this mysterious man, and, ultimately, makes a deadly decision. 20 minutes

COOLIE PINK & GREEN Despite the significant presence of East Indians in the Caribbean, Indian culture has yet to be seen as being truly indigenous. This film projects a new way of seeing Caribbean Indian culture, through the story of a young Hindu girl who is learning the beauty of her culture, even as an elder in her community attempts to hold her in a traditional mould. While the girl is sympathetic to the elder’s views, she already lives in a hybrid culture, and must celebrate both. 25 minutes

Please be advised that short films may be screened in random order, i.e. not necessarily in the order given above

Saturday 26 September

Based on true events and shot entirely on location in Trinidad, The Ghost of Hing King Estate recreates the dramatic tale of mysterious deaths among workers on a local estate. Prior to these events, Hing King was a peaceful, scenic place, although not without its share of life’s usual dramas. Conflicts invoked by sex, lust, marriage, and betrayal grew as readily as the crops themselves, leading to situations at turns distressing and amusing.

But in May 2006, as the deaths began to occur, the relatively peaceful estate was forever changed. Carmelle, the plantation overseer’s wife, becomes vilified as people from nearby villages begin to suspect that she is responsible for the untimely deaths. Amidst mounting tensions, facades are broken down, relationships are tested, and friendships destroyed.

Featuring a simple yet complex cast of characters, Ové’s recreation is a pitch-perfect depiction of village life in Trinidad, and a testament to the fact that the truth will indeed set you free. 104 minutes

Date: Thu 24 Sep, 2009
Category: ttff news and features

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