When I Look at the Horizon

The semi-autobiographical film imagines the portrayal of a nonlinear narrative that combines contemporary scenes with childhood memories, and dream sequences. This film follows two characters, who have dealt with death and loss in different time periods of their life but is connected through the events. The film intends to traverse through the inner landscape of the characters, what are the characters doing with their lives and why, how the past influence the present and future, how may they reconcile needs and ideals with the disappointments of reality, and how can their relationships with family survive when the family world is constantly changing.

A woman, who lost her partner of fifty years tries to set the rhythm of her life back living a slow and quiet traditional life, on her own. She owns a few chickens, in a crooked hen house. She feeds her hens, tends the land around, does the house chores, sits in silence, and often rests during the daytime, on her bed or couch. A man struggles to grapple with a certain closure with significant memories of his childhood. His father’s death and some succeeding events lead to a slow disintegration of the family. Father’s absence is a concern that creates an oscillation between past and present, He tries to imagine, make assumptions, and find similarities between him and his father. Stuck in between the tension of past and present both characters dwells in their memories through the house, household objects, and land around. The man tries to make images of the same to deal with the emotions of death, loss, and its aftermath.

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Image Caption: Featured image for ‘When I Look at the Horizon’. Image Caption: Featured image for ‘When I Look at the Horizon’.


When I Look at the Horizon (2022)

Short (26mins) Narrative Drama






No Rating


Tarique Ahamed


Tarique Ahamed


Fri 22 Sep 2023, 10.00am, NALIS—AV Room

Sat 23 Sep 2023, 10.00am, NALIS—AV Room

Caribbean Premiere

Tarique Ahamed

Tarique Ahamed

Tarique Ahamed is based in Kozhikode, India. He primarily works with cinema and photography. His interest in photography arrived through his deep investment in cinema. Through his practice, he engages with notions of memory and time, past and present, and still and moving images.

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