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Sand Dollars

Sand Dollars

Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic is a tourist’s dream: lush vegetation, windswept beaches and turquoise waters. Anne, a rich, elderly Frenchwoman, has been in a relationship in Las Terrenas for some time with Noelí, a young Dominicana. Although Anne knows that Noelí sees her primarily as a source of money, she is hopelessly in love with the girl. When Noelí reveals that she’s pregnant, Anne’s romantic illusions start to come undone.


Sand Dollars


Israel Cárdenas, Laura Amelia Guzmán

Year of Release:



Dominican Republic, Mexico, Argentina


Spanish, English and French, with English subtitles

Type / Genre:

Narrative Feature


85 minutes




Thu 24 Sept, 9.00pm, MovieTowne POS Q&A
Tue 29 Sept, 6.00pm, MovieTowne POS

T+T Premiere

About the Director(s):

Israel Cárdenas, Laura Amelia Guzmán

Israel Cárdenas (from Mexico) and Laura Amelia Guzmán (from the Dominican Republic) made their first film, Cochochi, in 2007. Their next film, Jean Gentil (2010), won the jury prize for best narrative feature at ttff/11. This was followed by a documentary, Carmita (ttff/13). Sand Dollars is the their most recent film.

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