Mantjé Tonbé Sé Viv (Dancing the Stumble)

In Martinique, an innovative hospital catering to individuals undergoing psychiatric care embarks on an experimental journey. Within this facility, a pioneering initiative unfolds: guided by a young artist-researcher, participants engage in workshops that fuse music, dance, and the sacred rituals of Bèlè tradition. As the drums resound and voices entwine, distinctions blur—caretakers blend with patients, observers merge with the observed.

At the center of this transformative experience stands the director, who immerses both the audience and himself in an intimate exchange. Through his lens, we traverse a realm where unspoken questions intertwine with the voices of those who grapple with psychiatric diagnoses—conversations seldom held in the open until now. The film invites us into this uncharted territory, where roles shift, boundaries dissolve, and a newfound connection emerges.


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Image Caption: Featured image for ‘Mantjé Tonbé Sé Viv (Dancing the Stumble)’. Image Caption: Featured image for ‘Mantjé Tonbé Sé Viv (Dancing the Stumble)’.


Mantjé Tonbé Sé Viv (Dancing the Stumble) (2023)

Feature (63mins) Documentary






No Rating


Jean-Marie Gigon


Wally Fall


Wally Fall


Sat 23 Sep 2023, 5.30pm, MovieTowne, POS—Screen 09

Tue 26 Sep 2023, 1.00pm, MovieTowne, POS—Screen 09

T+T Premiere

Wally Fall

Wally Fall

Wally Fall is a Martinican-Senegalese director who grew up in Martinique. His first films confront the notions of identity, history and belonging from a Caribbean perspective. He is one of the founders of the Cinemawon film collective in 2016, which works to give more visibility to films from Africa and the Afro-descendant diasporas of the world and the Americas in particular, which often go unnoticed on commercial circuits or at festivals. He lives in Guadeloupe and shares his time between his filmmaking projects and curating films with Cinemawon. Dancing the Stumble (Mantjé tonbé sé viv) is his fourth film.

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