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The eldest of 10 children, Kemraj Singh served as the father figure of the Singh household. The first commercial airline pilot in the village, the BWIA Captain and entrepreneur was well-loved in Kelly Village by all, and devoutly admired by his young sister, Prematie, whom he would go on to groom into adulthood through teaching her values, supporting her education, and assisting her in becoming a qualified pharmacist. They led what seemed like the perfect life, until one night in 1988 when there was a break-in at the Singh house, and Kemraj was tragically murdered. 





Yasha Hanoomansingh

Year of Release:



Trinidad and Tobago



Type / Genre:



23 minutes


No Rating


Fri 23 Aug 2019, 2.00pm, APA, Room 01 Q+A

T+T Premiere

About the Director(s):

Yasha Hanoomansingh

Yasha Hanoomansingh

Yasha Hanoomansingh is a 21-year-old filmmaker who is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine. She has worked on various film projects as a writer, director, actor, editor, and videographer.  Early exposure to cameras and the art of filmmaking via Yasha’s father has had a lasting effect on her interests. She has chosen to also pursue film at a tertiary level, where she hopes to learn even more about the field and hone her craft. 

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