Derakht / The Tree

Ibis has made her home amongst the debris of a ruined building. Her story led filmmaker Roya to a mysterious tree growing on the fifth floor of this abandoned place. This tree captures Roya’s curiosity, as she tries to uncover its mystery.

Derakht / The Tree (2015)




Spanish with English subtitles




Roya Eshraghi Safaifard

Roya Eshraghi Safaifard

Roya Eshraghi Safaifard

Iranian born Roya Eshraghi Safaifard moved to Costa Rica in 2000.  Years later  studied Social Anthropology at the University of Costa Rica. In 2010, she made her first short film ‘Playing with Sand’ in memory of her brother Foad. This led to her going to Cuba to study cinema. She has produced and directed films such as ‘128cm of Freedom’, ‘Nostalgia Nocturna’, ‘Endless, Lorenza: The Radio and You’ and her last film, ‘Nothing and No-One’.

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