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A powerful drama based on the true story of André Aliker, who was the editor of a socialist newspaper in 1930s Martinique. Aliker (played by French hip-hop star, Stomy Bugsy) is determined to speak out against injustice and to champion the rights of working people. For his ideals and fearlessness, he gets on the wrong side of the most powerful in society. With a script by renowned Martinican novelist Patrick Chamoiseau.

Aliker (2009)




French with English subtitles




Guy Deslauriers

Guy Deslauriers

Guy Deslauriers

Martinican director Guy Deslauriers is best known in the English-speaking world for his 2000 movie Passage du milieu (Middle Passage) which aired on HBO and starred Djimon Honsou. He was assistant director for Euzhan Palcy’s La Rue Cases Nègres (1982), and has directed several dramatic films and documentaries, including the award-winning L’Exil du roi Béhanzin (1993).


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