26: The Film

Having come to Barbados age 10, Izzy is bullied throughout his formative years by his piers at school and beaten by his mother on a more than often basis at home. He occasionally finds solace in the company of his best friend Jamal, especially when he is shown kindness and warmth by Mrs. Harris Jamal’s mother. Heartbreakingly these moments are short lived and most the time Izzy is lost. As the days go by he has regular thoughts about running away or killing himself. He is alone, with no one to listen or empathize with him and he hates it. He feels like his mother is present in person but emotionally she has never shown up. Constant yelling or beatings are the only interaction Izzy has ever known with her.

This movie shows hurt, abandonment and that depression and suicidal thoughts are not overtly noticeable but very real amongst our community both within adults and children. 26 will hopefully open up the conversation on mental health and offer techniques and avenues of support, especially targeting the Afro-Caribbean community where such conversations are still not widely spoken about.

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26: The Film (2023)

Short (21mins) Narrative Drama




No Rating


Daniel Boyce


Daniel Boyce


Mon 25 Sep 2023, 3.00pm, MovieTowne, POS—Screen 10

Caribbean Premiere

Daniel Boyce

Daniel Boyce

Daniel Boyce wants to create films that provide a fresh perspective on real-life situations, particularly from a Caribbean viewpoint. He believes that Caribbean voices are underrepresented in cinema, overshadowed by the allure of its picturesque landscapes as a playground for the first world. Born in England but raised in the Caribbean since the age of ten, he has been influenced by the amalgamation of these two distinct cultures. He is committed to reflecting his diverse cultural background in his work, viewing every piece he writes or directs as a tribute to those who endured centuries of hardship before him. Their sacrifices have afforded him the opportunity to tell their stories, and he is determined to do justice to their legacies as a black boy with dreadlocks.

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