22–28 Sept 2021
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And the ttff/12 Winners are…

The gala awards ceremony of the ttff/12 took place earlier this evening at the National Academy for the Performing Arts, Port of Spain. Here is a full list of the winners.

Jury Awards: Best Films

Best Narrative Feature sponsored by NGC
Distance, directed by Sergio Ramirez

Best Documentary Feature sponsored by NGC
The Story of Lover’s Rock, directed by Menelik Shabazz

Best Short sponsored by NGC
Peace: Memories of Anton de Kom, directed by Ida Does

Best Caribbean Film by an International Filmmaker sponsored by NLCB
The Bastard Sings the Sweetest Song, directed by Christy Garland

Special mentions in the best film category:

Best Narrative Feature
Choco, directed by Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza

Best Documentary Feature
Broken Stones, directed by Guetty Felin

Best Short
Awa Brak, directed by Juan Francisco Pardo

Jury Awards: Best Local Films

Best Local Feature sponsored by TTFC
Inward Hunger, directed by Mariel Brown

Best Local Short sponsored by TTFC
Where the Sun Sets, directed by Ryan Latchmansingh

Special mentions in the best local short film category:

Tickle Me Rich, directed by Sonja Dumas

Jury Awards: Acting

Best Actor in a Caribbean Film
Jimmy Jean-Louis, Toussaint L’Ouverture, directed by Philippe Niang

Best Actor in a Local Film
Christopher Chin Choy, Where the Sun Sets, directed by Ryan Latchmansingh

Best Actress in a Local Film
Terri Lyons, No Soca, No Life, directed by Kevin Adams

People’s Choice Awards

People’s Choice Award: Narrative Feature sponsored by Flow
Toussaint L’Ouverture, directed by Philippe Niang

People’s Choice Award: Documentary Feature sponsored by NH International
La Gaita, directed by Janine Fung

People’s Choice Award: Best Short sponsored by Agostini Brokers
Buck: The Man Spirit, directed by Steven Taylor

Other Awards

bpTT Film in Development Award
Cutlass, Deresha Beresford & Teneille Newallo

WorldView/Tribeca Film Institute Pitch Awards
Ryan Khan
Joaquin Ruano
Natalie Wei

RBC Focus: Filmmakers’ Immersion Pitch Award
Michelle Serieux

ACP Film that Best Epitomises Cultural Diversity
Stone Street, directed by Elspeth Kydd

CCN Film Criticism Award
Barbara Jenkins, “Three’s a Crowd”, review of Una Noche, directed by Lucy Mulloy

Film Criticism Special Mentions
Dainia Wright, Renelle White

bpTT Best Student, University of the West Indies Film Programme
Dinesh Maharaj

AfroPop/National Black Programming Consortium Emerging Documentary Filmmaker Award
Mandisa Pantin

Flow 50-Second Film Competition
M Jay Gonzalez

Image: A shot from Distance

Industry events at the ttff/12

Tomorrow and Saturday the ttff/12 kicks into high gear with two full days of industry events. See the full lineup of events below. All events are free and open to the public (with the exception of the pitch sessions, which are by invitation only).

Friday 28 September
Jetsam Room, The Carlton Savannah, Cascade, free of charge and open to the public.

9.30am FILMMAKERS’ PANEL + PRESS CONFERENCE The filmmakers’ panel provides a public platform for local and visiting filmmakers to discuss their craft, from the creative idea to production to the business of financing, marketing and, ultimately, distributing their films. The filmmakers’ panel provides an opportunity for local, regional and international filmmakers to come together to discuss the shared experience of making films within an independent industry context.

11.15am WORLDVIEW/TRIBECA FILM INSTITUTE PRESENTATION The Tribeca Film Institute, founded by Robert de Niro, Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff in the wake of September 11, 2001, empowers filmmakers through grants and professional development. WorldView is a Commonwealth Broadcasting Association project aimed at supporting filmmakers who seek to bring the richness and diversity of the wider world to UK and international audiences. This session, for both emerging fiction and documentary filmmakers, gives an overview of a new Tribeca Film Institute/  WorldView partnership, which aims to support Caribbean filmmakers in the development of their projects. Filmmakers will be taken through the grant application process, and shown examples of successful, previously funded projects. Other international sources where filmmakers can seek funding will also be highlighted.

12.45pm BREAK  /  LUNCH

1.30pm GUERRILLA FILMMAKING WITH NEW CARIBBEAN CINEMA PANEL Based in Jamaica, New Caribbean Cinema is a collective of young filmmakers dedicated to making great movies by any means necessary. In this presentation, Storm Saulter and other members of the group will discuss their new feature, Ring di Alarm!, and the tactics they used to make the film.

3.15pm THE ASSOCIATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF INDEPENDENT CINEMA IN GUADELOUPE (APCAG) + THE REGIONAL COUNCIL OF GUADELOUPE PRESENTATION APCAG and the Regional Council of Guadeloupe will make a presentation on a Guadeloupe cinema fund and discuss the possibilities of partnerships between Caribbean islands, including in the area of film subtitling.

SATURDAY 29 September

Jetsam Room, The Carlton Savannah, Cascade, free of charge and open to the public.

9.30am WORLDVIEW/TRIBECA FILM INSTITUTE PITCH SESSION Nine pre-selected filmmakers will each have five minutes to pitch a feature-length dramatic film project. Two filmmakers will each win TT$5,000.

11.15am AFRICAN, CARIBBEAN AND PACIFIC GROUP OF STATES This presentation will give filmmakers an in-depth understanding of the process of accessing and applying for funding from the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP). ACP support is designed to help the production and distribution of creative products from the developing world that reflect the cultural uniqueness of the countries in question and then make these products available to international audiences on a sustainable basis.acpculturesplus.eu and acp.int

12.45pm BREAK  /  LUNCH

1.30pm RBC FOCUS: FILMMAKERS’ IMMERSION PITCH SESSION At the end of Focus, a intensive four-day development programme, which gives 10 selected emerging Caribbean documentary filmmakers the opportunity to learn from professional film artists their is a pitch competition, from which the focus facilitators will choose the top five participants. These five participants will then pitch their project to a jury at a public event on 29 September. The participant with the best project and pitch, as determined by the jury, will win a cash prize of TT$20,000.

Sydney Levine from INDIEWIRE, the leading news, information, and networking site for independent-minded filmmakers, the industry and moviegoers alike. indiewire.com

Leslie Fields-Cruz from the NATIONAL BLACK PROGRAMMING CONSORTIUM, an organisation dedicated to developing and distributing stories of the Black global experience in the new media age. Content distribution takes place online and via broadcast through the AfroPoP: The Utimate Cultural Exchange documentary series. blackpublicmedia.org

Christian Sida-Valenzuela from the VANCOUVER LATIN AMERICAN FILM FESTIVAL provides a forum for the promotion of Latin American cinema. This annual festival promotes dialogue between cultures and explores historical and social issues through the eyes of filmmakers. vlaff.org

European Film Festival opens with Young Goethe in Love

The best of contemporary European cinema will be on showcase over the next two weeks, as the European Film Festival (EFF) in Trinidad & Tobago takes place from 3–16 October at MovieTowne, Port of Spain, and 9–16 October at MovieTowne, Tobago.

Twenty-seven films from 12 countries are in the lineup for this year’s edition of the Festival.

Founded in 1996, the EFF is organised by the European Member States with diplomatic missions in T&T—France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom—and the EU Delegation.

This year Germany is the host mission of the EFF, and the opening night film of the Festival will be the German selection Young Goethe in Love (2010).

Directed by Philipp Stölzl, Young Goethe in Love is inspired by the early life of the celebrated German writer and poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749–1832). It follows Goethe (Alexander Fehling) after he fails his law exams and is sent by his father to a sleepy provincial town to lick his wounds.

Here Goethe meets a beautiful young woman named Lotte Buff (Miriam Stein), who is promised in marriage to another man. Goethe and Lotte fall in love, and their story becomes the inspiration for Goethe’s first novel, The Sorrows of Young Werther.

In addition to the usual lineup of fiction feature films, a number of documentaries are also being screened this year at the EFF. There are also several children’s films.

Also this year, for the first time, the EFF is being presented in association with the trinidad+tobago film festival (ttff). Founded in 2006, the ttff is an annual celebration of the best new and recent cinema from T&T, the Caribbean and its diaspora, and Latin American countries in the Caribbean basin. The ttff/12 runs from 19 September–02 October.

For the full EFF schedule, www.ttfilmfestival.com/eff. A printed programme is also available at MovieTowne Port of Spain and Tobago.

New Media opens this Saturday at Medulla gallery


A collaborative effort between the trinidad + tobago film festival and ARC Magazine, New Media 2012 presents an overview of experimental video and film works for the second incarnation of the exhibit. New Media 2012 will showcase the works of 33 artists in a collection of 49 experimental pieces, exposing a wide range of scenarios and interrogations that are linked by the universal language of filmic expression. They utilise Caribbean-related ideas and themes, while being diverse and exploratory in content.

New Media signifies the way technology is influencing and challenging our modes of representation; and has developed in parallel with advancements in technology and its relation to cultural production. New Media’s assembled collection challenges how artists are reconsidering evolving art traditions and their proliferation.

The use of varied themes show the evolution of their articulate sensibilities and apply not only to personal experiences and subjectivities, but also operate outside of stereotypical narratives and tropes of representations. The artists rely heavily on the examination of the political, social and gendered concerns of their contemporary moment, becoming makers and markers of cultural engagement. The pieces presented range from the humorous, reflexive and contemplative, to quizzical while remaining close to an aesthetic engagement with the medium itself.

New Media 2012 will run at Medulla Art Gallery in Woodbrook Port of Spain from the 22nd – 29th September, with satellite screenings and partnerships in association with the Postgraduate Programme in Cultural Studies at UWI, St. Augustine and PUMA.PEACE: FILMS4PEACE. New Media 2012 will feature the work of the following acclaimed international and emerging artists:

Abigail Hadeed | Alberta Whittle | Andy Robert | AS Majerus | Christian Bertin | Felipe Guerrero | James Cooper | Janelle Griffith | Janet Cook Rutnik | Karen McLean | Karine Tailame | Manuel Mathieu | Marlon James | Miatta Kawinzi | Natalie Wei | Nile Saulter | O’Neil Lawrence | Olivia McGilchrist | Patricia Kaersenhout | Peter Dean Rickards| Rodell Warner | Ryan Oduber | Sasha Huber | Sonja Dumas | Sophie Meyer | Versia Harris | Viviana Paretti | Raoul Saleem Amrit | Nayda Collazo Lorrens | Holly Parotti | Lawrence Graham-Brown | Eduardo Nunes |

Films will be screened daily at Medulla Art Gallery at 4pm and 7pm. Opening reception will be held on the 22nd from 6pm-9pm. RSVP to attend at rsvp@arcthemagazine. For full programming visit the New Media 2012 guide.

Click here to download a copy of the new media 2012 guide!


Both organizations have partnered with films4peace an annual short film commissioned by PUMA.Peace to engage directly with New Media. Films4Peace features 21 of today’s most innovative artists visually interpreting the subject of peace. These art films will be released at cutural venues globally, online on World Peace Day on 21st September 2012 on a dedicated films4peace website, through social networking and video sharing sites and blogs amongst others. The New Media screening takes place on the 22nd of September. Renowned curator Mark Coetzee has invited 21 artists to create 17 new works see the full line up here.

+ ABOUT MEDULLA ART GALLERY: Medulla provides a core space for art education through alternative artistic expression and public participation. The gallery seeks to promote an appreciation of art through exhibitions, forums, seminars and workshops. The importance of art as a social expression will also be demonstrated through an introduction to art as a medium for therapy and growth.

+ ABOUT ARC Magazine: ARC Magazine is a non-profit publication launched in January of 2011 and seeks to fill a certain void by offering a critical platform for visual artists to present their work while fostering and developing critical dialogues and opportunities for crucial points of exchange. It is an online social space of interaction with a developed methodology of sharing information about contemporary practices, exhibitions, partnerships, and opportunities that are occurring in the Caribbean region and throughout its Diaspora. ARC Magazine is dedicated to showcasing artwork that encapsulates a pan-Caribbean focus while highlighting the lack of boundaries that now exist in the midst of the Internet and post information age. We are interested in promoting and underlining the current regional focus on sustainability for creative industries while engaging with a specified target audience, mostly comprised of emerging artists and cultural practitioners from the developing states and diaspora.

Caption: An image from A Dream Is, by Versia Harris



Studiofilmclub hosts provocative films and after-party at ttff/12


Since 2006, Studiofilmclub (SFC), founded by artists Peter Doig and Che Lovelace, has been host to one of the some of the most anticipated screenings and after-parties during the trinidad+tobago film festival.

This year, SFC will feature three films starring Michael Fassbender, best known for his roles in the films Inglourious Basterds (2009), X-Men: First Class (2011), and the science fiction film Prometheus (2012).

On Thursday September 20th, SFC will host a free screening of Shame, the latest film by acclaimed British filmmaker and video artist Steve McQueen. Shame is a sophisticated, moving study of the elusive search for intimacy in the big city. It tells the story of Brandon (Fassbender), a handsome, successful thirty-something New York executive with a secret: he is addicted to sex. Unable to maintain a steady relationship with a woman, he seeks satisfaction in one-night stands, prostitutes and porn.

On Friday September 21, SFC will also host a shorts package by British filmmaker and musician John Maclean. Maclean collaborated with Michael Fassbender on two of the films being shown. Man on a Motorcycle, shot entirely on a cellphone, follows a day in the life of a London motorcycle courier at breaking point in his profession and his life. In Pitch-Black Heist,  Liam and Michael are professional safecrackers who meet on a simple job to relieve an office safe of its contents. The catch is a light-activated alarm system, which impels the men to embark on a pitch-black heist.

John Maclean will be present at the screening of the shorts package to do a Q&A session. Following the screenings and Q&A, Maclean will deejay the after-party.

Additionally, on Friday 21st at 11.15am at the Carlton Savannah Hotel Maclean will talk about his experience making his first film on a cellphone.


Free ttff/12 films coming to a community near you

The trinidad+tobago film festival has been treating diverse communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago to free film screenings over the past three years. This year, the ttff delivered at least one free film screening a month to communities in Sangre Grande, Mayaro, San Fernando, Siparia, Point Fortin and Tobago among others.

Over the two week film festival, running from September 19 to October 1, the ttff will continue to treat a number of communities to a selection of thought-provoking, inspirational and eye-opening films.

On Saturday September 22 at 3pm music and film fans can look forward to the groundbreaking classic film Reggae by Horace Ove and Breaking Barriers, a touching tribute to Mungal Patasar by Ricki-Nicole Manmohan. There will also be a musical interlude entitled “The Old Yard”, a unique and engrossing concert piece written by Adam Walter specifically for the ten-piece ensemble of the faculty musicians at the Academy for the Performing Arts, with poetry by Muhammad Muwakil and photography by Maria Nunes. Horace Ove will be present for a question and answer session after Reggae.

On Sunday September 23, at 7pm, Omardeen’s School of Accounting in Chaguanas will host a special ttff/12 screening of three shorts from T&T: The award-winning Doubles with Slight Pepper by Canada-based T&T director, Ian Harnarine, along with Dal Puri Diaspora, Richard Fung’s eye-opening and richly enjoyable tribute to roti and its origins, and Juliette McCawley‘s One Good Deed, a sweet short film about a boy’s encounter with douens.

Trevor’s Edge in St. Augustine continues to be an eclectic venue and a memorable lime, and at 7pm on Republic Day (Sept 24) will host the portmanteau feature Ring Di Alarm from the Caribbean New Cinema collective of filmmakers. A number of the directors will be present to introduce the film and answer questions. Botched Up, by recent UWI film graduate Dominic Koo will also be shown.

The free community screenings move on to Mayaro on Tuesday September 24 at 7pm. Held in association with bpTT, this screening will comprise another fascinating selection of seven T&T shorts specially packaged for all ages. Films include No Soca, No Life, Kevin Adams’ story about a young woman’s challenges breaking into the soca world, and starring Penelope Spencer; and Pothound, a dog’s view of life by Christopher Guinness.

The historical drama Toussaint L’Ouverture will be shown in two parts at the Alliance Francaise on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 September from 7pm. This film stars famed Haitian actor Jimmy Jean-Louis, who will attend the screenings and will be available for Q&A sessions on both nights.

The final community screening will take place under to the stars, on the Carlton Savannah Hotel’s rooftop at 7pm on Monday October 1. Two films challenging the premise of the novel Wuthering Heights will be shown. The short documentary A Regular Black by acclaimed British documentarian Adam Low will be paired with the new, daring adaptation of Wuthering Heights by Andrea Arnold.

North Eleven, the ttff’s official screen partner, will provide the technical facilitation for each of these screenings.

Caption: A cross-section of the audience at NALIS during the ttff’s Side by Side screening of Bim earlier this year.

Tribute to Horace Ove at the ttff/12

Horace Ové was recently conferred the distinguished honour of a T&T Film Pioneer by the trinidad+tobago festival. This is one of the numerous accolades awarded to the prolific Belmont-born film director, producer, screenwriter, painter and photographer over the past 40 years. Among the major awards for his work as filmmaker and artist is the Paul Hamlyn Award, a National Decoration The Scarlet Ibis Medal from the Government of Trinidad and Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2007.

Ové holds the Guinness World Record for being the first Black British filmmaker to direct a feature-length film, Pressure (1975). His extensive filmography includes over 20  fiction feature films, documentaries and productions for British TV. His exposés and explorations on racism and the Black Power Movement in Britain have earned him the reputation of a “prolific and sometimes controversial filmmaker.” Cuban film scholar Luis Alberto Notario credits him as “one of the most prolific Caribbean directors, who has given visibility through his films to the most distinctive elements of African-Caribbean identity and the various dynamics faced by the elements that make up the West Indian diaspora”.

Two of Ové’s pioneering films will be showcased in this year’s trinidad+tobago film festival. Pressure, Ové’s groundbreaking 1975 feature film tells the story of a Caribbean diasporic family in which three generations face, in different ways, the experience of racism and social exclusion and show diverse variables of integration in London society. The focal point of the story is Tony, a young man born in London, the son of an immigrant couple from Trinidad and Tobago who are part of the so-called Windrush Generation. According to Notario, “Every character in Pressure is a construct summarizing different values, cultural practices and ideological stances that characterize the complex structure of diverse and changing individuals who interact, within the diasporic context, with other peripheral groups and with London’s society.” The film was inducted into the British Film Institute (BFI) 100 Years of Cinema and has become a model for emerging filmmakers working in neorealism. In an interview with Joseanne Leonard in 2007, Ové explained that “I’ve always made films to help society see itself and in that process hope that people can work things out by relating what they’ve seen to their own personal lives or the society around them”.

Pressure will be screened on  Mon 24 Sept, 1.30pm at the UWI, Centre for Language Learning (free admission); and on Sat 29 Sept, 3.00pm at The Little Carib Theatre. Ové will be present at both screenings for Q&A sessions after the films.

Reggae, (1970)  is  recognized as the first independent documentary on Black Music in Britain. The film, narrated by Jamaican writer Andrew Salkey, documents a major Reggae concert celebrated at Wembley Stadium, and illustrates the social and political discourses behind the Reggae music. The film was screened in UK and worldwide, achieving great recognition.

Ové will again be present for a Q&A session for  a special screening of Reggae on  Saturday 22 Sept, 3.00pm at  UTT/APA. Reggae will be shown with Breaking Barriers, Ricky Manmohan’s tribute to Mungal Patasar.

There will also be a ‘musical interlude’ performed by the UTT Music Department at this screening.

The Old Yard: Carnival Portraits from Trinidad
Written specifically for the ten-piece ensemble of the faculty musicians at the Academy for the Performing Arts, this piece is a response to the traditional carnival characters of Trinidad. The personalities of the Carnival Bat, Blue Devil, Midnight Robber, Moko Jumbie and Dame Lorraine are represented through music by Adam Walters, poetry by Muhammad Muwakil and photography by Maria Nunes. The Old Yard is a unique and engrossing concert piece that received great critical praise after its preiere at the Bocas Literary Festival in May 2012.

Admission to this screening is Free.

Special thanks to Luis Alberto Notario for additional information.

Visiting filmmakers at the ttff/12

The trinidad+tobago film festival not only provides viewers with a showcase of great Caribbean film, we also bring the filmmakers who made those films to our audiences. This year, the ttff has expanded our offering and will also be hosting a number of actresses and actors during the festival. Here on our website or in your festival guide, when you see a Q&A next to the screening of a film, that means the filmmaker and/or actor will be present to answer questions after the film.

Additionally, the two Fridays of the festival, 21 and 28 Sept, at 9.30am at The Carlton Savannah Hotel, you can come listen, free of charge, to participating guest and local filmmakers talk about the experience of making their films at the ttff filmmakers’ panels.

The first week the festival, the ttff will bring you:
Guetty Felin, Broken Stones
Tania Khalaf & David Hamilton, Journey to Hope
Christian Bertin, La Diabla
Juan Davila, Partners of Struggle
John Maclean, Man on a Motorcycle, Magic Man, Pitch-Black Heist
Selena Blake, Taboo Yardies
Kum-Kum Bhavnani, Nothing Like Chocolate
Sophie Meyer, Mystic Fighters
Jeanette Kong, The Chiney Shop
Horace Ove, Pressure, Reggae

The second week of the festival, the ttff will host:
Francisco Pardo, Awa Brak
Alrick Brown, Kinyarwanda
Michelle Serieux, Ring di Alarm!
Nile Jordan Saulter, Ring di Alarm!, Here I Am (Dakar)
Storm Saulter, Ring di Alarm!
Olivia McGilchrist, Elation: Bodies/Head, Release Yourself, The Memory Jacket, Slow Dance
Tyler Johnston, Five Bones
Willy Rollé, Family Planning
Fernanda Rossi, Clara Like Water
Calvin Dwight Harris, On The Wings of Men
Jimmy Jean-Louis, Toussaint L’Overture
Lorraine Bastian Jones, Match Me If You Can: The Story of Amos Ferguson
Rossana Fernández Díaz, Rumble of the Stones
Dana Verde, Lock and Key
Faisal Lutchmedial, Mr Crab
Andrew Dosunmu, Restless City
Sky Nicole Grey, Restless City
Alexis Díaz de Villegas, Juan of the Dead
Christy Garland, The Bastard Sings the Sweetest Song
Ian Harnarine, Doubles With Slight Pepper
Jean-Cosme Delaloye, By My Side
Julietta Rodríguez Herrera, La Hija Natural
Lucy Mulloy, Una Noche
Matias Meyer, The Last Christeros
Patricia Benoit, Stones in the Sun
Richard Fung, Dal Puri Diaspora
Joauquin Ruano Cofino, Distance
Gabrielle Blackwood & Darren Scott, Gravedigger
Mariette Monpierre, Elza
Karent Hinestroza, Choco

Image: Visiting filmmakers at the ttff/11

Canada focus

The trinidad+tobago film festival is pleased to announce our 2012 partnership with the High Commission of Canada to Trinidad and Tobago to present Canada Focus, sponsored by RBC Royal Bank. In an effort to represent and acknowledge not just Caribbean filmmakers but also the Caribbean diaspora as well as international filmmakers who are inspired to tell Caribbean stories, the ttff will bring to our audiences some of the most touching, thought-provoking and well regarded Canadian films of 2011 and 2012. Two of these films, Incendies and Monsieur Lazhar will be projected at MovieTowne on 35mm.

In addition to showcasing Canadian film, the festival will also host four Canadian filmmakers and has invited the director of the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival to sit on our jury. Check out the following Canada Focus links and pay particular attention to the films with an asterisk, which means the filmmaker will be here in T&T during the festival. Be sure to catch their Q&A!

Richard Fung, Dal Puri Diaspora*
Christy Garland, The Bastard Sings the Sweetest Song*
Ian Harnarine, Doubles With Slight Pepper*
Faisal Lutchmedial, Mr Crab*
Denis Villeneuve, Incendies
Philippe Falardeau, Monsieur Lazhar
Nisha Pahuja, The World Before Her
Christian Sida-Valenzuela, Vancouver Latin American Film Festival

ttff/12 opening night gala

The Opening Night Gala of the 2012 trinidad+tobago film festival will take place on Wednesday 19 September at Queen’s Hall.

At 6.00pm there will be a cocktail reception, followed by our opening night film, the critically acclaimed documentary, Marley, which traces the story of Bob Marley’s life from his early days growing up in poverty in Jamaica, to his rise to international superstardom.

We are pleased to announce that Kevin Macdonald, the Academy Award-winning director of Marley, will be present to introduce the film.

Limited tickets are on sale. Please call (+)868.621.0709 for more information.

And the ttff/12 Winners are…

Industry events at the ttff/12

European Film Festival opens with Young Goethe in Love

New Media opens this Saturday at Medulla gallery

Studiofilmclub hosts provocative films and after-party at ttff/12

Free ttff/12 films coming to a community near you

Tribute to Horace Ove at the ttff/12

Visiting filmmakers at the ttff/12

Canada focus

ttff/12 opening night gala

View the #filmmakerfriday Playlist on Youtube

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