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Yo Soy De Allá (I Was Born There)

Yo Soy De Allá (I Was Born There)

Yanory is a young indigenous woman from the rural, undeveloped area of Boruca, who also studies economics and anthropology in the city. She tells how she reconciles her double life.


Yo Soy De Allá (I Was Born There)


Andrés Madrigal + Nacho Rodriguez

Year of Release:



Costa Rica


Spanish and Boruca, with English subtitles

Type / Genre:

Documentary Short


18 minutes




Sun 24 Sept, 6.15pm, MovieTowne Screen 8

T+T Premiere

About the Director(s):

Andrés Madrigal

Andrés Madrigal

Andrés Madrigal is studying audiovisual production at the University of Costa Rica. In 2015 he directed the video for the 25th song by the Costa Rican band Alphabetics, To Time. He has worked on more than 10 short films and documentaries, as director, producer, and director of photography. He won the prize for Best Photography at the Uno Cinco audiovisual festival. As producer, he won the Gran Enfocus Award and Best Documentary for 1995.

Nacho Rodriguez

Nacho Rodriguez was born in Heredia, Costa Rica, in 1994 and is in his fifth year of audiovisual studies at Costa Rica University. He has been involved with more than 15 audiovisual projects.  He directed the short film Mar Dormido, which won the Best Short Film Award in the Festival Uno Cinco and Enfocus, and co-directed the documentary 1995, which won the Gran Enfocus Grand Award and Best Documentary at t

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