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19-26 September

Antes Que Cante el Gallo / Before the Rooster Crows

Antes Que Cante el Gallo / Before the Rooster Crows

In this moving coming-of- age drama, Carmín is a teenager who lives in a mountainous village in the center of Puerto Rico with her tough and conservative grandmother. Carmín dreams of moving to the city, San Juan, with her mother but she just got remarried and is leaving for the US without her. Then, the arrival of her father after long years in prison eases Carmín’s profound sadness. The relationship with him, however, brings its own ambiguousness and complexities and as Carmín moves into womanhood this causes great confusion, mostly for her.


Antes Que Cante el Gallo / Before the Rooster Crows


Arí Maniel Cruz

Year of Release:



Puerto Rico


Spanish with English subtitles

Type / Genre:

Narrative Feature


98 minutes



Show Times:

Sat 24 Sept, 8.15pm, MovieTowne Tobago
Sun 25 Sept, 6.00pm, MovieTowne POS Screen 7, Q+A
Tue 27 Sept, 3.30pm, MovieTowne POS Screen 8, Q+A


T+T Premiere

About the Director

Arí Maniel Cruz

Arí Maniel Cruz

Arí Maniel Cruz is from Puerto Rico and worked in television as TV host, Director and Producer in San Juan and New York City. He wrote the off-Broadway play La Barbería and directed the play La Memoria de los Elefantes. He directed and produced the feature films Under my nails(2012), Antes que cante el gallo (2016, Before the Rooster Crows) and is working on a new feature film, ¿Quién eres tú? (2017, Who are you?).




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