09-15 Sept 2020
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Without Wings

Without Wings

Isabela Muñoz, a once-famous Cuban ballerina, passes away. On hearing the news, seventy-year-old Luis Vargas, her former lover, becomes tormented by a fragment of the melody from a performance Isabela gave in 1967. Luis tries to complete the melody as a way of letting go of the past, but after a meandering search through the streets of Havana, he’s led deeper into a world of memory he has spent decades trying to forget.

Without Wings (2014)


Cuba, USA


Spanish, with English subtitles




Ben Chace


Thu 17 Sept, 4.00pm, MovieTowne POS
Fri 25 Sept, 9.30pm, MovieTowne POS Q&A

T+T Premiere

About the Director(s):

Ben Chace

Ben Chace

Ben Chace is a filmmaker and musician from Providence, Rhode Island. He attended NYU’s Gallatin School where he began experimenting with documentary filmmaking. He co-directed his first narrative feature, the Jamaica-set Wah Do Dem, in 2009. Without Wings is his first feature-length film as a solo writer and director.



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